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March 8, 2020 Readings

Come on out and discover all that Spirit has waiting for you at the Fort Worth Holistic Fair! 

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Who am I?


My legal name is Kaleigh but my magickal name is Firefly. I have been a medium since I was a child. My first experiences of mediumship came through dreams. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and trained to be a Counselor. I have studied various religions and have been Reading for over 5 years now

Online Readings


These Readings are performed either through email or through Facebook.This is accomplished simply by stating the person's name on the Other Side. Their name resonates enough of their energy for the message to come through.

In House Readings


I will come to you and do a Reading in the comfort of your own Home. This is a very intimate experience and allows people an alternative to the Online Reading. 

Party Readings


Birthday, Holiday, Bachelorette Parties and more! These are very fun and people's friends and family love the experience. 

Event Readings


Large events such as Corporate parties, Psychic Fairs, and pop-ups at large venues throughout the DFW metroplex.

Types of Readings


The Readings vary widely depending on the focus of the Querent. I have done Readings on Love, Career, Life Purpose, Past Lives, Spirit Animals, and Loved Ones who have Crossed Over. It really depends on what the Querent wants/needs guidance on.



"Thank you for the reading last night. This morning I woke up and shut out all external stimulus and I am focusing solely on myself and what I need to get done for me. I am feeling great so far to let all this weight off my shoulders. I am definitely realizing that I do way too much for others that goes unappreciated/unnoticed and I neglect myself. I honestly feel like this is the change I need to save my sanity."

"Thank you firefly for the quick card reading last night, you spoke out on very important situations. The fact that you got emotional with me hit home. Once again thank you so much!"

"Firefly thank you so much for the past life reading. It will definitely help me on my spiritual journey. I definitely would recommend you to others. Thanks again. Love and light." 

"I just received the most amazing past life reading from firefly! I'm in tears it was so right on me and my life. So many things said was so right on. I know my difficulties have made me stronger. I do have insight now as to why/where it has come from. Mean people are hurtful me/my light are here to guide and help. I make it through all of this with my many Guardian Angels help guidance and compfort. Thank you so much you are Truely a blessing to all of us here ❤ you have made me happy tonight knowing I'm not alone LL" 

"What an amazing reading,i could totally relate😍Thank you so much love❤️ "

What to Expect

I Contact the Heavens


In meditation I contact your Spirit  Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ancestors by using your first and last name. They give me important guidance and messages to help you on your Earthly Journey. 

Drawing the Cards


Once I have the information and guidance I need, I start drawing the cards from various decks. The cards give me specific information about your past, present, and future.

Glimpse of Your Path


I send all of this information to you via email. It is exactly what you need to know at this time. Through this information the Light inside of you is lit, so that you can  see your own way down the Path. Once you come to the next stop, I am here to guide you again.

How to Book an Online Reading

Book Appointment Below

Book your appointment below. I accept payments through PayPal. If you have a different preferred method of payment send me an email. 

Send an Email

After you book an appointment please Contact me below. Please provide your name so that I may petition your peeps on the Other Side. If you are comfortable providing your full name please do so, but it is not a requirement. Please also provide a short summary of your inquiry. Sometimes people just want a general reading. Sometimes they have specific questions regarding love life, career, life purpose. Too many details can cloud the real message, so make sure to keep it general. 

Time Frame

The length of time it takes for me to do a reading varies depending on the person. I will send you your reading via email within 24 hours. 

Book Your Appointment

Once I receive your notification I will get on the horn with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ancestors!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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In Home, Party, and Event Readings

Shoot me an email to book a Reading at your Home or for your Event!

Heavenly Wisdom


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